The Joys of Cycling

There is nothing quite like cycling - the feeling of freedom, the chance to admire the view from where you are perched on high, the feeling of being in control of a machine ...

Don't worry if you feel wobbly at first, especially if you've ever cycled before. Remember; it's just like riding a bike.

PS I am currrently involved in a marketing deal to use my wisdom and beauty to promote a special bicycle. If it goes through you could yet see me draped over the handlebars of the new Raleigh Dozza. There is a creative difference over my chosen slogan: "The bicycle for bird-brains", which the manufacturers don't like.

I spend a lot of my free time cycling, and not just because it impresses Douglas. Here I am in one of my favourite cycling postures.


(See also Flying and Landing.) The choice of perch can be very important if you want to fully enjoy the cycling experience. Here are some that I have tried out, bearing in mind the basic perching principles discussed elsewhere, with specific reference to bicycle parts.

Wheel Spokes

Advantages: There are many to choose from and they are good for hiding between.

Disadvantages: A little thin for grasping and it can be difficult to face in the direction of overall motion. Also, rotational movement can be very disorientating as the bicycle moves.


Advantages: A good all round view with a wide range of choice of direction to face in.

Disadvantages: No real grip and nothing to hide behind.

Brake Cables

Advantages: Best possible view, just right for gripping and wide choice of directions to face in.

Disadvantages: None.

Companionship, Representation and Insurance

To make the most of cycling, you need to meet other budgies by joining a club or cyclists' organisation. They can provide you with advice on insurance, legal representation and much more. To find out more, click below.

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