The Doreen Bird (deceased) Academy of Arts, Technology and Witchcraft

My Academy opened in September 1998 and rapidly became one of the most prestigious seats of learning known to me.

From the first day of business, enrolments have risen to unprecedented levels.

People of all species recognise the potential for career-enhancement and all-round prestige that can be gained from my qualifications.

My staff any I are quite prepared to teach you anything you want to know.

Many famous and successful people probably wish they had one of my qualifications and are no doubt applying for courses even as you read this.

This picture shows a recent graduation ceremony.

How Can You Register

It could hardly be easier. Just click on the button on the right to go to the registration form. Registrations are almost never refused on any grounds.

The Doreen Bird (deceased) Academy of Arts, Technology and Witchcraft prides itself in applying and taking to extremes the administrative practices evidenced in other prestigious academic institutions. When you enrol as a new student, you may be surprised at your treatment.

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