Douglas - Duck of Courage

I felt I had to include this page. I spend so much of my free time perched in the bathroom window, flirting with Douglas (as you can see in this picture). He is so brave, never having been able to float upright, ignored for years by the people-pets ...

I just sit there and gaze at his firm, smooth skin and his aloof, fixed expression of mild abdominal discomfort ... No need to wonder where I got all the ideas for my romantic novels!

I don't know if he actually laid the egg you see pictured here, but if he did it would explain the trouble he always seems to have with his bottom.

How Can You Help?

Sadly, Douglas refuses all offers of help. If I can get through to him, I will update this message; but for now, I suggest that you ponder a moment on his plight and his courage before moving to another page.

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