Philosophical Gems

A budgie of my beauty, worldly wisdom and academic stature will often have a remarkable philosophical insight, without even trying. Whenever thoughts occur to me, I try to remember to note them down for the benefit of my fans and for the improvement of the world in general.

As time goes by I will add them to this page. If you wish to comment on these thoughts, or any other aspect of life and its deeper meaning, I really am not interested.

Perhaps more common are my sound-bites, or my quirky and amusing reactions to questions, comments or my immediate experiences. I include these as well, intermingled with the deeper thoughts. Can you tell which is which? Sometimes I am so wise on the spur of the moment that it's hard to tell.

When I NEED advice, Ill give it.

Some fish are better than poetry, but not all of them.

I hope you aren't thinking of putting that on the draining board.

It is the duty of those who can't do to teach.

There is no harm in telling fibs - as long as they're not true.

True enlightenment and fulfilment are no substitute for the real thing.

No one told me that communication was important.

I hardly think I need to worry about complacency.

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